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Join us in a way that fits your budget, schedule, and passions. We make giving easy. We fundraise the old-school way for our hungry neighbors or get creative with online giving. No matter the method, your support will help transform our neighborhood.


Potential volunteers must complete ACAN’s volunteer registration and be accepted before they can begin volunteering on-site at ACAN. 

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Below are the areas where ACAN needs help the most:
  • ACAN’s drivers pick up goods from our many donation sites. They also provide home delivery service to home bound seniors and disabled community members.

ACAN’s intake volunteer checks in our patrons at the drive-thru line.

ACAN’s packers prepare the food boxes for our patrons. 

ACAN’s runners keep the tables stocked with food boxes.

ACAN’s loaders place the food boxes into the patron’s vehicle.


Praise For ACANs volunteers

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Our volunteers are the face of ACAN, they are who our patrons see first. ACAN couldn’t operate without its team of dedicated volunteers. Below are a few of our volunteers testimonials:

“We’ve been with ACAN since the start of the food pantry. We enjoy it, it makes us happy to be able to serve others in need. It is a privilege and an honor to serve God’s people. To God be the glory for the great things he has done.”

Linwood & Rhonda Jackson


“I started with ACAN in July of 2021 and have met some amazing folks, both volunteers and customers. I enjoy helping the public. Everyone is so kind and beautiful.”



“I started volunteering with ACAN over 20 years ago. I started to keep busy, but it’s very rewarding to help people and see the smile and joy it brings to those in need”.



“I’ve been with ACAN since the start of the food pantry. I enjoy helping people. I care about our local seniors and still deliver food to them personally.”



“Over 15 years ago I started volunteering by helping my late wife, Janet Pack, as this was her passion to help serve people and give them healthy choices when it came to getting food. I enjoyed helping my wife, and still today after her passing, I enjoy being part of ACAN and keeping her passion alive by serving the needs of others.



In-kind Donations

In-kind contributions are donations of goods, services or time—instead of cash. In-kind services are professional services donated by groups such as corporations, small businesses, vendors, colleges, individual professionals or tradespeople.

In-kind services that would greatly benefit ACAN and the community it serves include but are not limited to:
In-kind good that would greatly benefit ACAN and the community it serves include but are not limited to:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

No, all of ACAN’s services are offer to patrons at no cost.

ACAN serves Anne Arundel county residents. Patrons should bring an ID and plan ahead by having adequate space in their trunk or vehicle for their food box/es.

ACAN manages its own PayPal account. Your donations are put right into the community in support of ACAN’s mission. 

School and office supplies. Top view.

On Saturday September 9, 2023.

Time – 10:00am – 1:00pm

ACAN do not provide financial assistance