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The First Issue of Cooking Healthy with ACAN

People cooking healthy food in the kitchen

Welcome to the first issue of Cooking Healthy with ACAN. In each issue of this series, you will learn valuable information and tips on how to take the struggle and frustration out of cooking (great tasting) healthy meals for yourself and your family.

Do you have trouble cooking healthy meals for your family? When it comes to cooking healthy meals for our families, it can be a real challenge. There is always some degree of indecisiveness. The good news is, that there are plenty of heath-wise recipes that are tasty and slightly camouflaged as comfort foods your family will love.

Healthy cooking is difficult for most people simply because they don’t want to or have time to spend planning and preparing meals. At the same time, we know it’s important to eat healthy so we feel obligated to learn new and improved ways of cooking healthy foods that everyone will enjoy

With weight and nutrition being the underlying cause of so many health conditions it’s impossible to ignore the importance of not only eating healthy ourselves but also teaching our loved ones the importance of doing the same thing. One way to ensure that your loved ones are in fact eating healthy is to make sure that you are cooking healthy and nutritious foods for them.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the occasional splurge or even that you shouldn’t. The key to cooking healthy is learning to control portions and understanding the importance of moderation.

When it comes to including healthy cooking habits into our daily routines, there are more resources available than ever before to help keep you on track. You can seek the services of a professional nutritionist and your doctor can help. There are numerous books and magazines filled with recipes that encourage healthy cooking and eating habits. You can also find all kinds of healthy eating and cooking tips online.

If you truly love to cook, then there is no shortage of recipes that you can try. The really good news is that you can incorporate healthy cooking into your daily routine whether you are cooking for one or a household of ten.

Some argue that cooking healthy food costs more than the so-called good-for-you prepackaged foods that are full of calories and harmful additives. The truth of the matter is when you compare the costs with the medical bills associated with poor health, they seem rather slight comparison.

Yes, good food costs more. That is a simple fact of life. However, by learning portion control you just may discover that you are actually spending less as you adjust to a healthier diet and a more active lifestyle.

Cooking healthy isn’t an overnight change; it’s a lifestyle change that should be realized gradually over time. You don’t have to go into your kitchen and throw out every little thing that you deem ‘unhealthy’ instead try not to buy more of these items once they’ve been used.

Make wiser decisions when purchasing fats and oils for food preparation and you will discover that you’ve made a vitally important step in the process of incorporating healthy cooking and eating habits in your home.

These small steps will take you towards your long-term goal of cooking healthier meals for yourself and your family. Before you know it you’ll find that you all have more energy and a better sense of overall health than you would have imagined.

Make sure you look for your next issue soon. We will be talking about the importance of having the right tools in your kitchen for cooking healthy meals.

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Here at ACAN we encourage wellness by making healthy food choices and essential items available to households experiencing food insecurity in Anne Arundel County.